What type of protection do the RoundTrip plans provide for my belongings?

Baggage and Personal Effects – This protects goods used by you during your trip against all risks of permanent loss, theft, or damage. There are typically sub limits in place (for example, a per article limit of $300), so review the plan wording carefully if you are carrying high value items. If your bag was lost by your airline or other common carrier, you must file a claim with them first. You will need to provide us with the airline statement which shows whether they paid and if they paid. Airlines typically pay by weight, and we do not pay this way. If the airline pays you $500, and our coverage limit is $2,500, the most we can pay you is $2,000, so that you receive a total reimbursement of our highest limit. Baggage Delay – If your checked bags are delayed or misdirected by a common carrier for a specified time period (12 hours for RoundTrip Elite) at your destination, we will pay for you to buy necessary personal items. (You must show receipts for your purchase and proof from your common carrier of the delay or misdirection.)

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