Do I need to purchase Travel Insurance when I have other insurance coverage? What's the difference?

The unexpected may happen at any given time and unfortunately, when least expected. AXA Assistance USA Travel Insurance plans provide world-class 24/7 travel assistance coupled with first-rate travel insurance plans. The comprehensive travel protection offers a help line to assist in navigating and managing through the unexpected as well as provides financial protection for your travel costs, up to the policy limit. Travel Insurance reimburses for non-refundable costs charged by travel suppliers such as tour operators and cruise lines, should you need to interrupt or cancel your trip for a reason covered by the plan.

Credit card benefits may cover the costs related to accidents which occur during a flight, car rental damage or accidental death while travelling, but typically only when the travel purchase(s) was made via the card. AXA Assistance USA’s Travel Insurance plans provide protection no matter how you paid for the trip costs.

Some benefits provided by the AXA Assistance USA Travel Insurance plan are:

• Reimbursement for the non-refundable portion of the cost of the trip if that trip is interrupted or cancelled for a reason covered under the policy. Reimbursement subject to policy limits
• 24/7 access to emergency medical assistance and referrals
• Unexpected travel expense reimbursement for trip delay to or from your destination, Reimbursement subject to policy limits
• Assistance provided to help manage medical emergencies that may happen while traveling
• Coordination and claim settlement of medically necessary Emergency Medical Transportation

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