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Diplomat International - Optional High Risk

Coverage is NOT available for travel in Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Israel, Nepal, or Palestinian Territories.

Featuring optional War Risk Accident and Sickness medical coverage, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Travel Assistance and much more. This plan is designed for U.S. Citizens traveling outside the United States or Non-U.S. Citizens traveling outside their home country, with no travel to the United States. This valuable travel protection is ideal for contractors working overseas, business and leisure travelers, study abroad, international exchange students, tourists, holiday travelers, and church or missionary travelers.

Diplomat International Travel Medical Insurance offers:

  • Up To $1 Million Medical Coverage
  • Lost Baggage
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Emergency Dental
  • Up To $100,000 AD&D
  • Trip Interruption
  • Emergency Reunion
  • Repatriation of Remains

Optional Riders

1. War Risk Coverage

In consideration of the payment of premium calculated in the manner stated in the policy to which the rider is attached, it is hereby agreed that for additional premium the policy is amended as follows: Any Exclusion under this Plan for "declared or undeclared war or any act thereof” is waived for an Insured Person’s loss caused in whole or in part by, or resulting in whole or in part from, declared or undeclared war or any act of declared or undeclared war, subject to the following restriction: The waiver only applies with respect to accidents that occur within the geographic limits or territorial waters of, or airspace above the geographic limits or territorial waters of a Designated War Risk Territory (as defined herein). War Risk Coverage in a high risk country (listed below) requires payment of an additional premium and advance notice of travel. Termination Date- War Risk Coverage ends on the earliest of: (1) the date the Policy terminates; (2) the date specified in the Company’s written notice to the Policyholder or Participating Organization of the Company’s intent to terminate War Risk Coverage (or 10 days after the date the written notice is received by the Policyholder or Participating Organization, if later). Termination of War Risk Coverage will not affect a claim for a covered loss that occurred while War Risk Coverage was in effect.

Area 1 War Risk Coverage (covers Areas 1, 2, and 3)
 Algeria, Cameroon, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Palestinian Territories, Russian Federation (North Caucasus Region Of Russia), Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Syria, Ukraine and Yemen 

Area 2 War Risk Coverage (covers Areas 2 and 3)
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burma, Burundi, Central African Republic, Chad, Colombia, Congo (Democratic Republic), East Timor, Egypt, Eritrea, Haiti, India - Jammu, India - Kashmir, India - Mumbai, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Mexico, Nepal, Niger, Oman, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Qatar, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Uzbekistan, Venezuela and Zimbabwe 

Area 3 War Risk Coverage (covers Areas 3 countries only) – All Other destinations, not previously listed as under Area 1 or Area 2.

2. Additional AD&D 

Purchase up to $100,000 of 24-hour AD&D coverage. Benefits and exclusions are same base plan.

3. Enhanced Political and Natural Disaster Evacuation 

The Enhanced Political and Natural Disaster Evacuation Benefit Rider increases the Political and Natural Disaster Evacuation maximum benefit from $50,000 to $100,000. All policy provisions that apply to the Political and Natural Disaster Benefit also apply to the Enhancement.

4. Home Country Coverage/Follow Me Home

Incidental Trips to Your Home Country: This benefit covers you for incidental trips to your Home Country (60 days per 12 months of purchased coverage or pro rata thereof - example: approximately five days per month of purchased coverage). Maximum benefit is reduced to $50,000 for any illness or injury occurring while on an incidental trip to your Home Country. Follow Me Home Coverage: This plan shall pay for Covered Expenses incurred in your Home Country up to $5,000 for conditions first diagnosed outside Your Home Country (Does not apply for Emergency Evacuation or Repatriation). 

5. Athletic Sports & Hazardous Activity Coverage

The Athletic Sports & Hazardous Activity Rider provides coverage if Your Injury or Illness results from the below enumerated Athletic Sports & Hazardous activities. The insured can purchase coverage, with the payment of additional premium, from specific bundled options of Athletic Sports & Hazardous Activities.

Diplomat International - Optional High Risk plan benefits

All coverage, benefits and premiums are in U.S. Dollar amounts. If an Injury or Illness occurs during the Period of Coverage and the Insured Person requires medical or surgical treatment, this plan will pay the following Covered Expenses, up to the selected policy maximum.  (Subject to the selected deductible and applicable co-insurance, and exclusions)

Covered Expenses - Expenses that are incurred for medical care and supplies which are: (a) necessary and customary; (b) prescribed by a Physician for the therapeutic treatment of a disablement; (c) are not excluded under the policy; (d) are not more than the Reasonable and Customary charges (as determined by the Company); and (e) are incurred within 365 days for US Citizens or 180 days for Non US Citizens from the date of the disablement will be considered.

  1. Expenses made by a Hospital for room and board, floor nursing and other services, including Expenses for professional services, except personal services of a non-medical nature, provided, however, that Expenses do not exceed the Hospital's average charge for semi-private room and board accommodation.
  2. Charges made for Intensive Care or Coronary Care charges and nursing services;
  3. Expenses made for diagnosis, Treatment and surgery by a Physician.
  4. Charges made for an operating room.
  5. Charges made for Outpatient Treatment, same as any other Treatment covered on an  Inpatient basis. This includes ambulatory Surgical centers, Physician's Outpatient visits/examinations, clinic care, and Surgical opinion consultations.
  6. Expenses made for administration of anesthetics.
  7. Expenses for medication, x-ray services, laboratory tests and services, the use of radium and radio-active isotopes, oxygen, blood transfusions, iron lungs, and medical Treatment.
  8. Expenses for physiotherapy, if recommended by a Physician, for the Treatment of a specific Disablement and administered by a licensed physiotherapist; With regards to chiropractic care, eligible charges up to $50.00 per visit, with a maximum of 10 visits.
  9. Dressings, drugs, and medicines that are prescribed by a Physician.
  10. Hotel room charge, when the insured, otherwise necessarily confined in a Hospital, shall be under the care of a duly qualified  Physician in a hotel room owing to the unavailability of a  Hospital room.

Policy Medical Maximum Choices

Plan A - $50,000

Plan B - $100,000

Plan C - $250,000

Plan D - $500,000

Plan E - $1,000,000


Persons up to age 69 are eligible for all plans;

Persons age 70-79 are eligible for plans A and B;

Persons age 80+ are eligible for plan A only.


Deductible Choices

$0, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, $2,500, $5000 per person per policy period.

Sudden Recurrence of a Pre-Existing Condition (US Citizens Only) - Limited coverage under Your Medical Expense Benefit is provided for Medical Expenses that result from a sudden and unforeseen recurrence of a Pre-existing Condition.

Emergency Dental Treatment (Palliative) - Benefits are paid for Reasonable and Customary Expense up to $100 for the emergency Treatment for the relief of pain to natural teeth.

Emergency Medical Evacuation - Benefits are paid for Covered Expense incurred up to $100,000 for any covered Injury or Illness that requires immediate transportation from the place where You are located (due to inadequate medical facilities).

Repatriation of Remains - If death occurs, Benefits will be paid for Reasonable and Customary Covered Expense incurred up to $50,000, to return Your remains to Your Home Country.

Emergency Medical Reunion - If it is determined by the Assistance Company and your Physician that it is necessary for You to have an Emergency Medical Evacuation, this Plan will arrange to bring an individual of Your choice, from Your current Home Country, to be at Your side while You are hospitalized and then accompany You during Your return home.

Return of Minor Child(ren) - Should the Insured Person be traveling alone with a Minor Child(ren) and be hospitalized because of a covered Illness or Injury and Your Minor Child(ren) is left unattended, the Assistance Company will arrange for a one way economy fare(s) to Your current Home Country.

In Hospital Indemnity (US Citizens only) - If You are confined to a Hospital as a registered Inpatient as the result of an Illness or Injury which first occurs during Your Period of Coverage and that Illness or Injury is covered under this Plan, this plan will pay benefits up to $100 per day of confinement up to a maximum of 10 days.

Interruption of Trip - If Your trip is interrupted due to the Death of an Immediate Family Member or serious damage to your residence, benefits will be paid up to $5,000 for the Expense of economy travel less the value of applied credit from an unused return travel ticket to return You home to Your area of principal residence.

Loss of Baggage - This plan will reimburse You for loss, theft, or damage to Your baggage or personal effects checked with a Common Carrier, after coverage provided by a Common Carrier.

Political and Natural Disaster Evacuation - Coverage is provided up to $50,000 ($100,000 if the Enhanced PND Benefit is purchased) if the Insured requires emergency evacuation due to situations which place him/her in Imminent Bodily Harm or due to a Natural Disaster.

*Some Exclusions Apply*

Eligibility information about this plan

Diplomat International provides Accident and Sickness medical coverage, Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefits and Travel Assistance to individuals while traveling outside their Home Country, but not to the United States. Coverage is available for 2 adults, any unmarried dependent children ages 14 days until their 18th birthday, or children traveling alone.

  • Coverage is NOT available for travel in Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Israel, Nepal, or Palestinian Territories

  • Coverage is NOT available for citizens of Australia or Iran or residents of New York, Maryland and South Dakota.

Medical Maximums: 50k, 100k, 250k, 500k, 1 Million

  • (Age 70-79 = 50k or 100k only)
  • (Age 80+ = 20k only)

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