How are DBA insurance rates computed?

Like domestic U.S. workers’ compensation insurance rates, DBA insurance rates are either computed per $100 of payroll or with a minimum premium established, meaning the premium base for DBA insurance is computed per $100 of covered employee remuneration, subject to a minimum premium level. Additionally, policies are calculated using remuneration as the basis. "Remuneration," sometimes referred to as "pay-roll," means the entire payment for services rendered by the covered employee, whether paid in money or some substitute for money. For purposes of computing premiums, remuneration includes regular pay (i.e., salary or hourly), commissions, and bonuses.

As with domestic workers’ compensation insurance, DBA insurance rates vary depending on many factors, including for example the hazardousness of the work being performed, the insured’s loss or accident experience, the payroll exposure, the insured’s financial standing, the insured’s and the covered employees’ experience, security and safety practices, and covered employee concentration levels (i.e., employees working, traveling, lodging, or eating together).

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