Do you have a travel insurance solution for non-U.S. residents?

Published: May 25, 2018

G.S. from Massachusetts asks: I have two customers living in Italy who are traveling next January to Antarctica. They will fly to the U.S. first, and on their return from Antarctica they will stop in the U.S. as well. Their trip cost per person is $22,500. Do you have a travel insurance solution for non-U.S. residents? 

Dan answers: We do have solutions! For this couple, we had to issue two different policies, as one of them is a U.S. citizen. For the U.S. citizen, we were able to issue a TravelSafe Classic policy. Even though TravelSafe does not sell insurance outside of the United States, they will issue a U.S. citizen a policy if we list the address of friend or relative in the U.S. 

For the Italian citizen, we issued a Trawick International Safe Travels USA Trip plan. Even though the main destination is Antarctica, they will be stopping in the U.S. The Safe Travels USA Trip provides coverage not only in the United States but also to any other countries you travel to after being in the United States. U.S. citizens living outside the United States cannot purchase the Safe Travels USA Trip plan for travel to the states. 

I know there are several plans available on our website — but just remember, we have access to a multitude of travel insurance carriers and plans. Our goal is to find you the travel insurance solution that does what you need it to do for the best price. 

Had a great experience purchasing trip insurance. The agent was very friendly, helpful, and fully explained the different options. Will be back! - Robert K.

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