Business Travelers Insurance

Why travelers purchase Business Travelers Insurance

If your company can answer "yes" to any of following questions, you are at risk and need International Insurance.

  • Do you have overseas sales?
  • Do you have employees traveling abroad
  • Do you work on military bases abroad?
  • Do you sponsor trips, tours, or study groups abroad?
  • Do you have facilities overseas?
  • Do you have employees living abroad?
  • Do you exhibit or participate in trade shows overseas?


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Business Travel Accident (BTA) from Global Underwriters

Many U.S. companies and corporations choose to minimize the potential liability they face in regards to employees that travel by purchasing business travel accident (BTA) insurance. Travel has become an absolute necessity in our new global economy. Available to U.S. companies with Domestic or International Employees.

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Trekker Choice from GeoBlue

Designed for year-round peace of mind for people who love to travel. Coverage for unlimited international trips in a 12-month period (70 days max. per trip) $1,000,000 medical / $500,000 evacuation. (age 70+) $100,000 medical. Available to residents of certain U.S. states. Issued up to age 94. To be eligible for this plan, you must be enrolled in a primary health plan.

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Annual Membership from MedjetAssist

MedjetAssist® is the premier air medical transport membership program for travelers. If you are hospitalized 150 miles or more from home, Medjet will arrange air medical transport all the way back to your hospital of choice in your home country - regardless of medical necessity. Available to U.S. residents.

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Defense Base Act Insurance from Insuractive

Workers compensation for contractors is mandatory under the U.S. Defense Base Act (DBA) of 1941. This coverage applies to both U.S. workers and any foreign subcontractors who are not covered under their own country's workers compensation laws.

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Kidnap and Ransom Insurance from Global Underwriters

Kidnap and extortion are very real and growing threats throughout the world. While the most vulnerable companies to kidnapping are those that have employees based or traveling overseas, organizations that have high profiles, handle large amounts of cash or work with sensitive information are also at risk.

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Business Travel Insurance FAQ's

What countries are considered High Risk for Travel?

Area 1 Risk: Afghanistan, Chad, Chechnya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Israel - incl. West Bank & Gaza, Ivory Coast. Somalia, Sudan - Area 2 Risk: Algeria, Burundi, Central African Republic, Colombia, East Timor, Ethiopia, Guinea, Haiti, India - Jammu & Kashmir, Iran, Lebanon, Liberia, Nepal, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Zimbabwe

What types of Business Travel Insurance are available?

You may choose from Travel Medical Insurance, Medical Evacuation, Political Evacuation, Accidental Death, Kidnap & Ransom, General Liability, Theft, Foreign Auto Coverage , Products Liabilty, and Defense Base Act, or a combination of these benefits.

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